February 01, 2013

An unconscious woman laid on the street caught the attention of Lesley Mair so she got down from her car and did what a Good Samaritan does, but for this good deed, she warned a traffic ticket.

Her prime thoughts were to assist the unconscious woman so Mair parked her car in a parking area for the disabled. She initially feared that the woman was dead but she was able to assist walking the sick lady to a near-by bank while they waited for the paramedic. When Mair went back to her car, she saw a parking warden writing her a ticket.

The only concern of Mair at that moment was just to help the lady and she was not thinking about proper parking places.

When Mair explained the reason to the warden; he gave no response and issued the ticket.
This was exactly the same thing which happened to George Echenhofer way back in the summer of 2011. He was on his way to work in Philadelphia when he noticed that a pedestrian was hit by a motorist. He stopped his car in front of a truck-loading zone. Like a Good Samaritan, he assisted the pedestrian and showed motorists to go around the accident scene until the arrival of the police and paramedics. He was then issued a parking ticket.

He missed his work for some time just to plead his case to several obstinate employees at the Philadelphia Police Office but he was told to pay the penalty. It was finally dropped once Philadelphia Daily News columnist reached out to a spokesperson for the PPA.

The columnist said that PPA should apologize to Echenhofer, he deserved to be lauded for being kind to citizens as he went out of his way to help people in need. The columnist said that Good Samaritans, like Echenhofer are rewarded, not punished.
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