HAMILTON — A hit-and-run driver is sought by the police after a township resident was injured last week. A township resident was struck in a hit-and-run accident, police said.
On August 29 at 2:40 p. m., Fred Fitzgerald, 58, was crossing Lida Street when a blue Honda struck his left leg. The driver fled the scene, the police reported.

A friend drove Fitzgerald to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton. He was later transferred to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick for treatment of internal injuries. As of this evening, Fitzgerald remains hospitalized there but he is reported to be in fair condition.

Police are looking for a blue Honda with a license plate that includes the characters XL2.
Any witnesses to the accident are asked to contact Officer Robert Gray at (609) 581-4024.
In New Jersey, a driver who leaves the scene of a fatal accident will be charged with “felony”. Drivers involved in a vehicle accident, are required to stop. Whether anyone was hurt or not, the driver must stop at the earliest convenience and go back to the scene.

Once there, he must wait for the officials to come and make a report of the accident. The charges he will be facing and the potential penalty under New Jersey law for leaving the scene of an accident depend on the circumstances of accident itself. The more serious the accident was, the more serious your charges will be.

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