HARDIN COUNTY, KY – A road accident claimed the life of a woman from Hardin. A Hardin County woman died after being hit several times while operating her bike along the vicinity of Dixie Boulevard.

According to Radcliff Police, one of the drivers who hit the poor victim, identified as Beverly Jeter, age 25, stopped to call for help. They were shocked that they hit a woman on a bicycle. The mother of Jeter, who is a resident of South Carolina, was shocked by the loss.

Kimberly Jeter, Beverly’s mother said that her daughter was such a loving person; she was devoted to her family and loved her brother and sisters. She was always so alive and vibrant.

.Michelle Moseley, a neighbor said that Beverly has such a great personality and down to earth. She was so sweet dealing with the people around her.

Police said that Jeter was pulling out with her bicycle along the southbound lanes near Radcliff Elementary School when she was hit by several cars.

The mishap happened on a dark Saturday night. Jeter was riding her bicycle at around 9:00 o’clock and she was wearing jeans and dark clothing. Officers stated that she cut into traffic on south Dixie Boulevard where drivers had the right of way.

Radcliff police were thankful that the drivers of both cars did not leave the scene. I fact, the two drivers were very upset for this terrible tragedy to occur like this.

Moseley said that this was terrible and she is offering prayers for the family.
It was only last year when the Jeters moved to Elizabethtown and her mother said that Beverly was an avid basketball player and her shining star.

Kimberly Jeter said that he daughter loved to play basketball. This was her favorite pastime. Beverley was a very caring person who would give you the shirt on her abck if you need one.

This accident is under investigation.

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