May 19, 2013

A head-on collision happened in Highway 74 and Vista Place near the community of Green Acres at the northern side of Winchester which got police officers rushing to the scene. The community of Green Acres along 74 Highway and Vista Place was the scene of a gruesome head-on collision.

According to Ben Bolon who is Patrol Officer of the CHP, the mishap happened between a Nissan white Quest minivan and a GMC black Yukon at around 9:01 o’clock Saturday evening.

Police learned during the preliminary investigation that the white minivan was running westward in Lane No.1 of Highway 74. At the same time, the black Yukon was speeding eastward on the same highway. For unknown reasons, the Black Yukon veered towards the incoming traffic. The two vehicles were heading towards each other and ultimately collided heads on.

The operator of the Yukon got out of the vehicle and fled from the scene on foot immediately following the crash. While the driver of the minivan suffered minor injuries and was transported to the local hospital by CHP officers. After treatment, the driver was booked for possible DUI charges.

The fleeing driver of the black Yukon was later apprehended by the authorities while hiding in a dump area at the back of a 24- hour convenience store. He was apprehended by Officer Bolon for running away from the scene of an accident..

Yukon had two male adult occupants who both suffered minor to moderate injuries and were delivered to local hospitals, according to Bolon.

The operator of the Minivan was delivered by CHP police to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries and might be charged for possible DUI, Bolon said.

Bolon suspected that alcohol played an important factor in the crash. One passenger of the Yukon who tried fleeing on foot from the crash site was not arrested.

According to Jody Hagemann who is Riverside County Fire Department spokeswoman, there were three passengers inside the Nissan minivan who suffered major injuries and there were also four others with moderate injuries.

At least five ambulances came to scene of the crash that immediately transported the victims to a local hospital. Three out of the seven injured had to be extricated from the vehicle wreck, reported Hagemann.

It was learned from one of the witnesses during the investigation that one victim was partially ejected after passing through the windshield of the vehicle.

Five ambulances came to the crash site and delivered victims to a local hospital.

To give ample time to clear the scene from debris and the investigators to interview the witnesses, Highway 74’s westbound lanes along Winchester Road were closed for about an hour and a half. However, lanes were re-opened shortly before 11:00 o’clock in the morning.

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