When a motorist does not pay attention to road signs, the result will always be fatal.
Take the case of this driver who disregarded a no-passing zone sign along the highway of West Georgia. Disregarding road signs, a driver crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed heads- on with another car. He was killed on the scene with four others, including a one-year-old boy died.

According to Georgia State Patrol, it was Friday night when a fatal wreck occurred claiming the lives of five people. The crash took place in La Grange near the Alabama state line. Two teens were critically injured and airlifted to the medical centers of Alabama and Columbus.

Gordy Wright who is Georgia State Patrol spokesman stated that according to the account of eye-witnesses, an Oldsmobile 1986 Cutlass was running at top speed when for unknown reasons, it swerved into the lane for oncoming traffic in the driver’s effort to overtake another vehicle. The driver disregarded a sign which said that this was a no-passing zone.

The operator of the Oldsmobile was identified as Willie Hooks, age 28 who resides in La Grange. He crashed into the front of a Pontiac 1995 GrandAm.Wright said that the contributing factor of the accident was alcohol.

State Patrol also identified the driver of the Pontiac as Melanie Kay Lemmon, age 23 also from LaGrange. She died together with the other three passengers in her car: 37 years old Miranda Hurston; her 16 years old son, Tridarius; and her one-year old grandson, Quamauri; both using the family names of Harrison.

Authorities also identified the other two teen-daughters of Hurston who were also passengers in the Pontiac and survived the crash. They are: 18 years old Shaquavious and 15 years old Jayvianna; with family names of Harrison. Both were transported to the area hospital in life-threatening condition. The one-year old boy who died was the son of Shaquavious.

Another witness, John Hart told the reporters that as he and family were coming home a pizza dinner, he saw the Oldsmobile speeding past his car and traveling past ahead. He said that the driver was intending to overtake the other cars.

The driver was bent on going before the other cars and although there was plenty of room on the road but if another car would be approaching it would be a wreck. Hart seemed to say a silent prayer that no vehicle would be approaching. But there was another car, and a heads-on collision followed.

Hart said that he and other motorists all pulled over to help the victims and call the police. Emergency crew had to pull out the other victims who were trapped inside the vehicle. There was complete silence, so sound came from the wreckage as five of them were dead and the others in critical condition.

ATLANTA – One police officer of Atlanta was critically injured when a motorist accused of DUI crashed into his patrol car.

Police Officer Osbert Beckles was immediately transported to the Memorial Hospital of Grady where he was listed in critical condition.
According to authorities, the accident took place at around 11:30 o’clock in the evening of Friday while Beckles was doing his traffic route near the Interstate 75 ramp when the driver of a Hyundai 2011 Sonata hit the officer’s car.

Investigators stated that the 45-year-old driver identified as Scott Eugene Welker, tried to flee from the scene. He has been charged DUI held at the Fulton County Jail.It appeared that the accused did not have any lawyer.

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