Early morning of New Year, 50-year-old Patrick Coyle was crossing Philadelphia’s City Avenue just along the vicinity of Presidential Boulevard when he was hit by a car.

After the vehicle hit the victim, it sped off toward a nearby highway, making the case become possibly the first pedestrian-involved hit-and-run of 2013 in the country.

A medical student jumped out of a nearby car and attempted life-saving CPR but with no luck as the victim was declared dead at the scene. It was unfortunate that there were no surveillance cameras nearby. All that investigators learned from the accounts of witnesses about the erring vehicle was that it was a four-door silver sedan.

Steve Krystopa, a cousin of the victim said that Coyle was loved by his family, friends, office maters and almost all of those he met. He was a hard-working man employed as a maintenance technician at a nearby apartment complex. He is survived by his seven brothers and sisters.

Even after a week, Coyle’s family is still searching for answers as to the identity of the hit-and-run driver. The Philadelphia Police investigators are looking into the case. Due to their desire to catch the culprit, Officer Paul Busch of the Accident Investigation Unit has reached out to Jalopnik hoping that their expertise in To Catch A Car commenters could look at pieces of the vehicle and help determine its make and model.

Busch told Jalopnik that their only description of the car was the color: Gray. No information as to its make or model. By using a paint book to match the colors, the color seemed to match with Saab but the color matches up also with Infiniti/Nissan.

So Jalopnik has only the pictures that Busch provided to work with. They are hoping that those with a bit of information can help the family and investigators.

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