It was four years after the death of a mother and her son from a car accident when finally the guilty was given his penalty.

In 2008, a mother and her son were killed from a car accident. The driver of a stolen vehicle was the culprit. He received a 40-year prison term on Monday, March 26.

The judge of the Superior Court sentenced James Perry, 24, for multiple felony counts, including aggravated manslaughter and failing to help an injured victim.

In 2008, Perry stole an Acura and collided with a vehicle driven by Joselin Lizardo, 38. Her son, Aneudy Breton, 10, was in the passenger seat at the time. As Perry was driving in top speed, the car hit the car driver by Lizardo in full force that it was hurled more than a block away from the scene of the collision. The boy died a day after the accident with the mother succumbing to her injuries a few days after.

Perry is a three-time felon and to be eligible for parole, must spend at least 30 years in prison.,

In 2011, there were 628 fatalities resulting from car accidents in New Jersey, according to the New Jersey State Police. As of March 2012, motor vehicle accidents have killed 136 people in the state. If the numbers progress at a similar pace, total accident deaths for the year will be lower than the previous year. New Jersey has enacted multiple driving laws, including a ban on using handheld electronic devices, to improve driver focus and reduce total accidents.

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