GRAND PRAIRIE – A car accident ended the life of a six-year old boy who was just starting to experience the joy of living. Relatives, friends and family arrived at the funeral service to bid farewell to John Paul Raidy. The little boy died from a hit-and-run mishap which happened last week, Services for the six-year-old were held at the funeral home of Laurel Land on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, a former teacher named Tammy Lowe was in court facing charges for the boy’s death. She was arraigned on two charges of felony: manslaughter and hit-and-run driving as she failed to stop and render aid to the victim. Her bond was set at $200,000,

Her defense counsel said that his client is sad as her arraignment coincided with the boy’s funeral. She feels great pain in her heart for the unavoidable tragedy.

According to the police of Grand Prairie, Lowe was trying to beat a red light which lasted for 14 seconds prior to hitting the boy who was at the crosswalk. The boy and his mother with baby sister in a stroller were about to cross the street.

Police said that Lowe after hitting the boy panicked and fled from the scene. After five days, she turned herself in to the police. Her lawyer said that Lowe surrendered to the police as she knew it was the right thing to do.

But before her walked to the police station, Lowe submitted a handwritten resignation as school teacher in ISD for Grand Prairie. Her letter simply said that she is resigning her position as teacher of the school effective immediately.

Lowe’s husband made no comment as he went into the police station to talk with detectives. Lowe’s bond is set for $200,000. Her lawyer believed that it could even be lower as she is a first-time offender and has never been in jail before. Her husband said that he had talked to some friends & church people and he learned it was hard to get her off jail as the bond was too high.

The boy’s parents, neighbors and friends could hardly believe that 6-year old John Paul Raidy is gone after he was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Police record stated that Thursday evening, a mother was strolling with her children. Suddenly, there was a car approaching which hit the boy then drove away. Responders rushed the victim to the Memorial Hospital of Arlington where he died because of life-threatening injuries.

John Paul was walking with his mom who was pushing the stroller of her youngest daughter.  The step-grandmother of the children said that John Paul was walking slightly ahead of her mother. As the family was about to cross North Carrier Parkway just nearby the High School of Crosswinds, the accident happened.

The police described the vehicle as an SUV small-model which was dark in color.  The SUV was trying to beat a red light when it struck the child who was in the crosswalk. The vehicle halted briefly, and then continued traveling south following the Carrier Parkway. Step-grandmother stated that when the hit –and -run car passed the family, the driver even gave a honk.

John Paul’s step-grandmother felt infuriated that someone could hit a child and without any qualms just ride away without aiding the victim. After the mishap, the parents and sister of John Paul stayed with friends as the site of accident was just across the street from their home. The site evokes the most painful memories.

Before Lowe gave herself up to the authorities, Grand Prairie police were asking anyone with information to call them. They mentioned that the SUV most likely sustained front end damage.

Two 10- year- olds girls, Melanie and Vanessa are grieving as they have lost their best friend and could no longer play with him. The two girls used to ride their scooters and joked around with Raidy.


Glenn Grubbs, a neighbor from next door, was the first witness to see the responders who rushed the boy to the hospital where he expired. He saw them picked up a small body and place on a back board while waiting for the ambulance. When Grubbs saw a bit of blond hair from the small body, he realized it was John Paul.


The neighborhood honored John Paul by placing a memorial near the crash site and by Saturday, it grew in size. John Paul would have celebrated his 7th birthday next month.

Saturday, a memorial grew near the crash scene for Raidy, who would have turned 7-years old next month.


People who knew John Paul said he was such a loveable boy who loved going to school, loved his friends and loved being alive.

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