FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl., — The Porsche owner connected to the deaths of two pedestrians in a hit-and-run incident in Fort Lauderdale was sentenced to jail on Monday for the violation of the terms of probation for a high speed vehicular chase in Chicago.
The suspect, 34-year-old Ryan LeVin was taken to custody for failing ti complete a drug treatment program.

Levin had agreed to the plea deal of attending drug counseling for a July 2006 chase that resulted in the injury of a police officer and two motorists.
Police from Fort Lauderdale did not name LeVin or any other suspects in the accident that killed 39-year-old Craig Elford, a British business man, and 48-year-old Kenneth Watkinson as they were walking along Sate Road A1A to their beachfront hotel on February 13.

Before both were struck, calls to 911 were made by witnesses who saw a Porsche and another light-colored sports car racing. The Porsche was later discovered abandoned and was impounded by the police.

LeVin denies that he was driving the Porsche at that time and declines to further comment and refers the question to his attorney, Keith Seltzer.

The accident had happened 2:30 early morning on Ford Lauderdale. An hour later, LeVin’s Porsche 911 Turbo was found empty at the northbound ramp of Interstate 595 to Interstate 95 with the windshield spider-webbed with cracks and a damaged left headlight.

A downtown Fort Lauderdale restaurant had said that it is helping with the double fatality hit-and-run police investigation.

On the night of the accident, LeVin was spotted by the restaurant’s general manager, Andy Fox, leaving YOLO, 333 E. Las Olas Blvd., at around 1 in the morning. Fox added that Levin was alone when he got into his Porsche.

Furthermore, Fox said that shortly after LeVin left, a valet saw the Porsche speeding up and down Las Olas.

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