The amount of $150,000 was set as bond for a suspect of deadly hit-and-run accident of a homeless man riding his adult-sized tricycle in Mesa.

The arraignment of Matthew S. McIver, age 37, was held last Wednesday after he was arrested Tuesday on charges of: (1) suspicion of manslaughter; and (2) leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

According to Court documents, McIver informed Mesa police that he drank only three beers of pint-sizes at bar in Mesa prior to his driving. But a witness claimed he drank six beers.

Last August 13, McIver recounted to the police that he was terrified after hitting an undetermined object on the highway but had no idea that it was a person. Police clarified that he hit the bike, crashed against an upper level median and then fled to another drinking joint along Mesa’s McDowell and Powell roads.

Police stated that they have impounded McIver’s car as SOP of any car accident  investigation that led to the death of Richard Welck, age 68.

It was a tip from citizens that led to his arrest.

A man from Mesa recently died in his community while he was riding his three-wheeled bicycle after he was hit from back by a vehicle. The vehicle fled from the scene of the accident while the elderly victim died resulting from his injuries.

It took the police around a week searching for the driver who caused the fatal bicycle mishap. Mesa police detectives continued their search for the vehicle that was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident that killed a man on a bicycle. The accident happened early evening along the vicinity of Ray and Sossoman Roads.

Spokesperson of the Mesa Police Department said that they are on the lookout for an SUV or it can be a Saturn VUE that is white in color. The clue is that the vehicle has damage at the front-end.

With the help offered by the community, the police finally located the driver. His vehicle was impounded so it can be examined for evidence. The driver was questioned about the cause of damage found on the vehicle. The driver was also questioned where he was at the time of the accident. Since authorities found enough evidences, they arrested the driver and will file several charges.

Two- vehicle accident can have serious consequences more so when one of the vehicles is a bicycle. The result usually is fatal. Since bicycles are open, they do not have any protection that other drivers of closed vehicles have.

Accidents involving bicycles are always catastrophic as to the difference in size and power that are found in comparing human-powered bicycles and gas-powered cars. Bike-car collision is usually fatal as a bicycle is very small in size compared to the size of vehicles with four wheels.

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Source: KPHO Com