ORLANDO, Fla. – Two suspected home invasion individuals had caused a four vehicular chain-reaction crash—which injured three innocent drivers—after  they thought that the police were pursuing them.

The suspects, 21 year old Darius Lowe and 20 year old David Williams, had raised the speed to more than 70 mph and were weaving in and out of traffic before the accident on Wednesday at east colonial drive and Orange Avenue.

Before the crash had happened, the two suspects were involved in a home invasion at Alafaya Trail in East Orange County in that very same day, according to the deputies.

A teenager was alone on her house when the men had broken in through the back door of the patio. The teenager was able to contact 911 before she was found by Williams inside of a closet and the suspects ran off, deputies said. The teenager was able to give a description of the car that the thieves had used, according to the police.

The police were not chasing the car even after spotting it. The deputies believe that the accident had happened when the suspects thought that a police chopper was following them when in fact, it was only a news helicopter.

Jeff Williamson of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that the suspects fled out of their own accord when they mistakenly thought that the news chopper was a law enforcement aircraft.
Investigators had said that the suspects had smacked into three other vehicles at Colonial Drive and Orange Avenue near the I-4 interchange. There were a total of 4 victims involved and 3 of them were brought to local hospitals and the other had refused treatment, according to the officials. No identity had been released concerning the victims.
Two canine fled seconds after the crash had happened. They were later found again within miles of the scene unharmed.

Lowe and Williams are being guarded by deputies at Orlando Regional Medical Center where the deputies said that they will be taken straight to jail and will be facing several charges.

A friend of one of the suspects had suggested a motive for the crime. He said that Lowe’s girlfriend is expecting and he believes that he wants money. Lowe’s friend said that Lowe had just got out of jail and impregnated his girlfriend so he believes he did that in order to get some money.

The 911 call the teenager had made is expected to be released by the law enforcement sometime this Thursday.

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