A delivery cab driver and his ex-girlfriend died in a horrendous car accident. The example-girlfriend was ejected 10 feet into the air and over a 6-foot tall fence, says the police and relatives of the victims.

About half an hour passed before anyone took notice of Ann Flournoy, aged 29 years old, lying on the grounds of a nursing home after the horrendous collision with an SUV that happened on the night of Tuesday.

Witness Lenny Salati had said that a guy had spotted Flournoy and informed that there was lady in the area. Pedro Berrios, the ex-boyfriend of Flournoy and father of her two children, was meanwhile trapped in the burning vehicle.

Salati and another man, 38 year old Anthony Maietta, had attempted to save Berrios but ultimately failed.

Paramedics rushed to the scene but also failed to save both Flournoy and Berrios.

The 2009 Mazda driver, aged 27, was unidentified and in critical condition at Jacobi Hospital.

Berrios’ and Flournoy’s children, 7 year old Alijah and 3 year old Aliyah, are now orphaned.

Flournoy’s sister, Shondell Flournoy, said that her sister had sacrificed so much to take care of the kids.

Company-workers of Berrios described him to be cheerful and a good adviser.

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