This weekend just within an overnight period of eight hours, police had to deal with four fatal traffic accidents. Each wreck claimed one life.

According to the police, a man of 36 years, who was operating his vehicle, but for unknown reasons went the wrong way, met his end. Authorities reported that the operator, whose identity will not yet been released to the press, was traveling in his Cadillac Escalade westbound in an eastbound lane at the Stella Link loop. At around 3:00 o’clock on a Saturday morning, he was driving his car along Stella Link Loop when he was hit by two 18-wheelers. He died on the scene.

Kese Smith, Houston Police Department spokesperson, said that one of the 18-wheeler drivers told the police that he was able to see the Cadillac going his way; although he attempted to move to the next lane but the Cadillac instead swevered sideways hitting the 18-wheeler. Unfortunately, there was another approaching 18- wheeler coming which crashed on the vehicle heads-on.

The driver of the Escalade was pronounced dead at the scene, Smith continued.

A few hours earlier, another fatal accident occurred. At around 8:45 o’clock Friday afternoon, a 46-year-old man, driving his red Chevrolet Malibu, was traveling over the limit along block 6000 at the Airport Boulevard.

For unknown reasons, he lost control of his Malibu and crashed on a tree at the median center. Smith recounted the accident and added that they have not release the man’s identity, pending informing his nearest kin.

Police reported that at around 4:30 o’clock that morning, the third accident took place where a driver, alone, died at the scene in block 7200 at Mullins Drive. The victim was driving his silver Infiniti G35 beyond the legal speed limit. When he reached Jessamine St., he ran a stop sign.

The man lost control of the vehicle which fell on a ditch, rolled over and crashed at a telephone pole and rebounded into the highway. It was unstoppable as it transversed the road, hit a tree and finally a fence. The police are keeping his identity on hold until his family is contacted.

Based on police records, the fourth fatal wreck happened at 4:35 early morning at block 12200 in the vicinity of Rosslyn- North Houston Road at the Romona Boulevard,

More details on the accident will be available from police after investigation.

Studies made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed the danger of speeding; by analyzing speed as the main factor causing accident; they concluded that speeding  is the number two leading factor in most vehicular accidents. Based on statistics, it is the 30% factor causing all the fatalities each year. In 1999, speeding was top as a contributing factor of all fatal wrecks that cost 12,628 lives. NHTSA estimated that the economic cost of speeding crashes affecting society goes beyond the amount of $28 billion annually. Speeding is avoidable as it is a willful and calculated risk where drivers are fully aware of the danger, but just the same, they do it. Statistics pinpointed that fully 90 % of all drivers with license are speeding at some point in their career on the road and there were 75 % who admitted  that they are habitually doing the offense..

High speed, accidents are more often fatal for according to the law of physics, objects at high velocity have the tendency to collide at a much greater force than when velocity is lower. Traffic reports concur that freeway deaths are increased, corresponding increased in freeway speed limit.

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