Last Sunday, Police Department of Houston reported of an unidentified motorcyclist who died at about 9:20 that evening. The fatal crash occurred along Houston’s Lake Parkway on 562 Market Road. The victim, riding a Yamaha white and blue motorcycle was running south; upon entering US 90 Route, he tried to pass over another vehicle.

A driver was no longer able to control his motorcycle so he crash into a barrier late Sunday. Houston police said that around 9:15 o’clock in the evening,  a driver  in his 40’s was speeding in order to overtake another car along Block 5000 of South Lake Houston Parkway. Before he reached Highway 90’s entrance ramp, he crashed.

Losing control of the speeding bike, the cyclist crashed on the curb prior to hitting several barrier barrels. He was ejected from the motorcycle and died on the spot. The fatality was later identified as a man, age 40, residing in Goodrich, Texas.

Detectives stated that the biker had on a helmet and was using other safety gear. The man’s name was not released to the public but police said he was from Goodrich, Texas.

In the year 2008, NHTSA reported that more than 5,000 motorcyclists died and since then, there was noticeable increase annually. In the same year, more than 90,000 bikers’ sustained injuries and it is increasing year-after-year.

A speeding motorcycle will not only get a speeding ticket but also a ticket to the afterlife. Last Sunday, a 60-year-old motorcyclist from Pineville was killed when his bike went out of control in the expressway of Cottingham.

Police Department of Pineville identified the victim as William Woolley who was rushed to a local hospital; but due to critical injuries, he expired.

The wreck was reported at around 1:45 o’clock in the afternoon of Sunday which took place at the expressway near the south of La. Highway at the 28 East exchange.

Police discounted alcohol as the factor leading to the crash.

After the first week of January, one motorcyclist died after he smashed against a utility sports vehicle along Sam Houston Parkway’s service road west Houston that early Tuesday morning.

 John Cannon, spokesperson for the  Police Department of Houston said that it was a two-vehicle mishap which occurred at about 5:40 o’clock in the morning near the northern area of Boheme’s West 400 Beltway 8. Traffic authorities reported that the victim, whose name was not given to the media, expired at the scene. However, no other persons were injured.

Cannon recounted that blue  Yamaha motorbike and a blue Suburban Chevrolet SUV were both going south along 8 Beltway service roads. The blue SUV was traveling in the left lane while the Yamaha was traveling in the center lane just at the right side of the Suburban. When both operators of the vehicles turn left, the crash occurred. As the biker turned left, the Suburban SUV skidded and drove straight on to the motorcycle.

Officials arriving at the scene saw the motorcyclist trapped beneath the SUV. The SUV driver   stopped and waited for the arrival of the authorities.

Investigations are ongoing for police would like to know the cause of the crash. The weather was considered as one factor as it was raining during that time and the roads were wet.

So far, no citations have been issued relating to this case.

Motorcyclists all over the world are subject to so much risk compared to car drivers. Main reasons attributing to the dangers of motorcycle-driving are: lesser stability as motorcycle is so much lighter compared with the weight of cars which provides more stability on the road and decreased over-all protection as drivers as openly exposed on the road. Additional factor is the high rate of speed which only a motorcycle can achieve compare with cars and trucks on the road. It is true that speed is a killer.


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Source: Accident -24 co. uk.

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