Motorists are reminded to be careful whenever driving. Distractions should be minimized so that the drivers can focus on driving. However, motorists should also be aware that certain weather conditions can predispose a motorist in an accident be it rainy or foggy weather conditions. This season, the winter season, motorists are taught to watch out the perils the winter season brings.

They need to be extra careful especially when traveling under the winter season wherein roads are icy and slippery. These conditions can affect the motorists control over their vehicle. Too much speeding and you could lose the control of your vehicle, and ultimately your life.

A lot of vehicular accidents had been documented within a day in Seattle. These accidents have blamed the icy and slippery roads. Many of these incidents had involved injuries whilst there was also fatality. These bad weather conditions not only affect the usual motorists but also the police force. One of the accidents was a head-on collision which involves a police officer of Seattle.

According to a trooper, in a span of 5 hours, there were a total of 52 accidents documented on the major highways of King County. Overpasses at the highway should be considered dangerous because of cold air passing under these structures.

One motorist, a taxi driver, was unfortunately killed in an accident in Burien, also because of icy road conditions. The slippery road caused his vehicle to spin out of control. When he got out of the car, a pick-up truck struck him; however, that was the first hit in the series. Two other vehicles had hit him that he perished on the scene.

To facilitate investigation and clean-up process, traffic was rerouted around the area.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, a police officer also fell as a victim to these dangerous road conditions. He lost control of his vehicle while doing patrol work. His vehicle ended up crossing the center line where he collided head-on with a pick-up truck.

No one was killed in the incident. The 49-year-old truck driver sustained minor injuries and was brought to Harborview Medical Center whilst the police officer was deemed to be fine after evaluation.

Three roll over incidents were reported in Tukwila. As of the moment, there have been no reports of any fatalities or injuries.
31 other vehicular incidents had been documented in Snohomish County kicking off early in the morning. Among these incidents, only one was reported to have an injury involving an elderly. The elderly sustained minor injuries after his vehicle started spinning as he was traveling the icy, slippery roads. His vehicle ended up crashing a barrier. The accident caused disturbance in the northbound interstate 5. The incident caused the blocking of two left lanes, much to the dismay of the other motorists.

In order to reduce such events which may cause fatal accidents, sand were put down on several locations. This management helps in improving the traction, thus, lessening the possibilities of vehicular accidents.

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