Sunday of November 9 at about 6:00 o’clock in the evening, County Paramedics of New Castle were responded to at Block 1600 along Old Wilmington Road in Hockessin, Delaware. The report was about a vehicle that crashed into a house. Upon arrival at the designated address, paramedics saw a car in the second story of a barn that had been converted into a home.

After the police of New Castle County conducted their prelim investigation, they learned that 27-years-old John Cherrington from Pennsylvania was operating his Mitsubishi 2001 Lancer when he miscalculated negotiating a curve. This fault caused the vehicle to strike a piece of wood that caused it to be airborne. The car that was airlifted hit another parked pick-up truck and it finally entered the second floor of a home.

Cherrington was trapped inside the vehicle and had to be extricated by fire department personnel. He was brought to the ER of Christiana Hospital with possible head concussion. Later, he was listed in stable condition. No occupants of the residence were injured during the incident. New Castle County Police are investigating the incident.

Agencies that responded to the call are: Paramedics from New Castle County Emergency Medical Services; Firefighters from the Cranston Heights Fire Company; men from Hockessin Fire Company; crew from Claymont Fire Company; and the police of New Castle County.

Police confirmed at a young Pennsylvania man was still in the hospital Monday after crashed his vehicle into the 2nd floor bedroom of a home in Hockessin home a day before.

New Castle County police were informed by Witnesses that Cherrington was still able to walk down a ladder following the flight into a home in Old Wilmington that was more-than-100-year-old home. Although of the residents were inside the house during the crash, no one was injured.

Linda Brizendine who was outside house, said that she heard a loud noise but had no idea what it was. It was her daughter who noticed that there was a hole in the wall. Basically, part of the wall was pushed inside and a large piece of furniture had been pushed over. The family had lived in the converted barn more than 25 years.

Investigators learned that Cherrington was speeding along on Old Road of Wilmington when he was unable to negotiate a turn. Officer Tracey Duffy, a department spokesperson said that the posted speed limit on the dual road is 35 mph.

The car traveled over some lawns, striking a piece of wood and going airborne. As it propelled on, the Mitsubishi struck a parked Dodge pickup truck, pushing it into another parked Nissan Altima. The force twisted the cabin of the truck towards its pickup bed and sent debris from inside the truck to a distance of about 20 yards away. The Mitsubishi finally rested up in bedroom at the second-story.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The accident is still under investigation.

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