According to the State Police, it was while making an illegal U-turn which caused the crash. The tractor trailer operator was negotiating an illegal U-turn on 1-95 that caused a crash leading to the death of a driver in a box truck. The fatal accident took place a little after 3 o’clock in the morning on the south side of an interstate within the state line of Delaware Maryland southward from the Toll Plaza of Newark, said the police. The driver of the erring vehicle was identified as Abubaker Jamal, 35 years old and resident of Ohio. He was trying to use the emergency crossover lane to negotiate an illegal U-turn coming from the north to the south lanes of I-95.

This placed his truck which was loaded with bags of flour, right into the way of another truck. The driver of the box truck was 30-year-old Abodunrin Akinyanju from Maryland. The impact trapped Akinyanju inside his truck where he expired at the scene. The highway at Route 896 had to be closed by the police as it started to create massive backups delayed the commuters heading southwards. Authorities had to close the road for over eight hours. It took time for the emergency crew to clean up the large amount of debris coming from the cargo from both trucks, which include flour and plastic bins filled with soiled clothing. Authorities are conducting their investigation as they could file appropriate charges to the driver who did not follow traffic regulations and caused the death of another motorist. Accident victims have rights. You may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, wage loss and medical bills. Contact an experienced  car injury lawyer now for a free consultation.