The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the body that compiles regulations that control the weight, loading methods and securing of goods that are carried on any sort of commercial vehicle on our nation’s highways. The federal regulations are generally very strict when it comes to weight restrictions, correctly fixing down the load and the balance of the vehicle and its trailer. If a truck accident takes place because of being improperly loaded and any person is injured, then a compensation payment has to be made to the victims of injuries.

When a truck is over loaded with far too much freight a number of dangerous things could happen far more easily.

These might include

  • The loosening up of the freight
  • Loads losing their balance
  • Danger from hazardous materials
  • Uncoupling and jack knifing of  trailers
  • Unsafe emergency stopping.

Loading of trucks

There are normally a number of different subcontractors involved with the loading of a truck, apart from the company that owns the truck. The employing of subcontractors to do the various different jobs sometimes compromises the safety of the truck. For example, one contractor might own a forklift to load the goods into or onto the truck and another might be responsible for balancing and securing the loads. Both these jobs require skills and adequate supervision from managers or other qualified personnel. Many smaller contractors cannot afford nor do not wish to pay additional workers if they can help it, which means mistakes can be made when loading these giants of steel.

No room for trucks that do not follow federal regulations

Our congested roads and highways do not have the capacity to accommodate trucks that do not follow federal regulations. They must be operated in a safe fashion in order to ensure accidents do not take place. When out of control they are a great danger to other users and horrific accidents and injuries can take place.

If you are a road user and have had the misfortune to be involved in an accident with an overloaded truck and it was not your fault then you are entitled to a compensation payment to cover for your loss and suffering. The services of a truck accident lawyer will be required to gather all the evidence and present it to the person at fault.

Most lawyers only take on cases that have a good chance of success, so you are not misled once you have visited a lawyer and have been told that you have a good case for the award of a compensation payment. The sooner you contact your chosen lawyer the better as the facts are clear in your mind and your medical reports are still at the top of the pile.