A car crash that happened this morning in South Laurel had taken away the life of an infant, said Prince George’s County Police.

The accident occurred along the block of 8300 Montpelier Drive, north of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. It happened a few moments before 10 in the morning.

The police said that while a 30-year-old female, identified to be the mother of the infant, was dropping off her infant and another child, identified to be 3 years of age, at a residential home, the woman had forgot to put the car into park before she got off the vehicle. As her 3-year-old child got off the car, the car began to roll backwards. The 3-year-old ran behind the car. The mother also ran behind the vehicle attempting to save the older child, said the police. However, the vehicle had hit the three of them instead.

CPR was administered by the paramedics from Prince George’s Fire/EMS to the infant but was pronounced dead whilst on the way to a local hospital.

Residents who witness the incident described the tragic scene wherein a mother was holding a lifeless infant while screaming for help.

Melvin Smith, who lives just across the street where the accident happened, said he heard a loud scream and someone screaming for help. He also performed CPR to the infant for 7 minutes long before the paramedics had arrived.

Pam Harrison, a neighbor, said that she got out of her house to help the woman and called 911. When she went close to the scene, there was a lot of blood.

The woman and the older child were brought to the hospital. No updates were given with regards to their condition but the neighbors said that they appeared to be unharmed.

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