A fatal crash on Monday, according to Phoenix Police, started as a road rage incident involving only two vehicles but later spilled over another car and culminated with the death of an innocent passenger.

The mishap happened at the southern part of Phoenix as the drivers of an SUV and a Mazda were racing each other throughout the city. Police believed that there was initially unpleasant incident that happened between the two drivers while they were running on the road. It appeared that the SUV was aggressively trying to overtake the Mazda.

As the drivers were approaching the corner of 27th Ave. and Baseline, the Mazda made a speedy turn to avoid the SUV. Unable to react on time, the SUV driver crashed into a third vehicle that was near the corner. The third vehicle was a passenger car with three people inside. The impact pushed the car to roll that caused the death of one passenger inside the third car.

Authorities noted that the SUV driver was a woman carrying her three children in her vehicle at the time of the crash. After the wreck, she stopped and waited for police to respond. The Mazda driver did not stop and fled from the scene. The police are now looking for him following the road rage incident

The woman who died in a car accident near Southern and 27th Ave last Monday was identified Rosalba Rojas, age 42. She was killed when an SUV chasing a hit-and-run suspect ran a red light, slamming into the van she was in.

Police observed that no one in both vehicles was wearing a seatbelt. Rojas died and several others were hospitalized sustaining non life-threatening injuries   acheter cialis en europe.

The tragedy started when the driver of a Mazda hit an SUV and then fled the scene. The SUV driver was chasing the Mazda to get the license plate when the crash occurred.

As of the present, the Mazda driver has not been located.

Rosalba Jauregui-Rojas will be greatly missed as she was described as a loving mother to her four boys and a dedicated wife to her husband, Ismael Andres-Garcia, who is recuperating from the car accident that killed his wife.

The couple was on their way to register their teenage son for high school when an SUV hit them. Their son, 15-year-old Jesus Garcia, feels guilty that his mother was doing something for him when she was killed.

The two cars chasing each other in a road rage when one of the cars ran a red light and slammed into Jauregui-Rojas’ minivan.  Police haven’t been able to locate one of the drivers because they don’t have enough information to actively search for them.

Sergeant Trent Crump believed that even if that vehicle were found, it may not have been involved in the second collision. At present, no charges were filed against the female driver of the second SUV. Garcia would also like to file charges against the woman.

Meantime, Andres-Garcia does not have employment due his injuries; that means that the family has to struggle financially.

Those who wish to donate to the family, just deposit at any Chase Bank.

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