WALESKA, Ga.– A tough issue had been raised after a college student died near Waleska, in Cherokee County.

According to Lory Weeks, a resident of McCurry Trail, the same spot where Reinhardt University freshmen Steven Excell was killed, said that it has to be stopped for the sake of all the lives of the young people.

Weeks is referring to the hills wherein Weeks and other residents say that students and even adults like to go “hill jumping” in the area.

“Hill Jumping” is the term they use they refer to the act of speeding up in an incline in order to make the car jump the hill and become airborne.
This is something that the residents say they need to stop.

Weeks added that she already had taken matters into her own hands by coming out and signaling the kids to slow down and stop them.

Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison said that the section is indeed a dangerous spot of the roadway in the county.

Weeks questions why someone needs to perish before the issue is taken care of.
The sheriff counters that it is simply because there is not enough officers to patrol the neighborhood 24/7.

Neighbors had been complaining repeatedly about the hill jumping activity.
Weeks added that there seemed to be an accidents going on once a month.
The sheriff responded that for the past two years, only one incident has been recorded on McCurry trail.

Garrison added that they will address the issue more aggressively but he said that the kids were also at fault for making poor decisions.

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