Walking Drunk Guy was Struck by a Car SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 Around 7:15 PM of Wednesday, September 19, 2012, a pedestrian who was under the influence of Alcohol was hit by a moving car right after he went into the middle of the path of the said vehicle. Some say that it looks like a suicide, but since the person was drunk, the authorities who have been investigating the issue would want to dig more. As per the Police’s Statement, the accident happened in the middle of Rancho Penasquitos, Wednesday night.

The investigators said that the collision occurred Seven Fifteen in the evening, just in the middle of the Rancho Penasquitos Road and near the Eastbound of the State Round Fifty-six. The victim is a 56 year old male pedestrian. He walked right in front of the speeding vehicle which is running on 40 mph. The vehicle is a 2006 Mazda. The victim suffered a serious head trauma or injury.

After some concerned citizens called 911, Ambulance and Police Officers quickly came into the scene to attend to the victim. The medical team checked the victim, and they rushed him into the Hospital right away. While the medical team is checking on the Victim, the Police were interrogating the Mazda Driver to find out what really happened. The medical team transported the Victim to a hospital named Scripps La Jolla for an intensive treatment because a severe head trauma should be checked by a nearby hospital as soon as possible. The Police said that the Victim is in a very critical condition.

The Driver of the Mazda Vehicle that hit the Victim stayed at the scene and willingly cooperated with the Police for further investigation. An interview with other witnesses is also underway, because of that, the investigation is still ongoing as of now.

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