LOS ANGELES – It takes courage for a journalist to expose a general but this journalist did. The sad news is that his award-winning journalist and war correspondent identified as Michael Hastings died early Tuesday resulting from a car accident in Los Angeles. This announcement came from his employer and family said.

Hastings, age 33, was well-known by many of his colleagues as a brilliant and energetic reporter who wrote stories that have relevance. Most recently, he was connected with news website where he dealt with politics.

According to Ben Smith, who is BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief, Michael was an ideal journalist who had no fear in writing incredible stories that awaken his readers to care about recent happenings. He wrote about war and politics.

Michael Hastings confided to his colleagues that he was a suspect and was being investigated by the FBI just hours before he was killed in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles. Hastings has previously told friends that he had received death threats while investigating General McChrystal; but he said this was commonplace in his line of work.

According to the LAPD, there are no sign of any foul play. His Mercedes reportedly crashed into a tree as it was running in high speed, causing the car to burst into flames. But there were some eyewitnesses who said that the car exploded before it crashed into the tree.

FBI issued a statement to the press that there were not conducting any investigation of Hastings. But an Army officer who knew Hastings from the frontline, Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs, stated that the situation is doubtful.

Authorities said that early Tuesday morning there was a report that a man was killed at the Hancock Park of Los Angeles but coroner’s officials could not ascertain if the man was hasting. Investigators were not able to make a formal identification of Hastings’ body as it was so badly charred.

Hastings was recipient of several awards; he won a 2010 George Polk Award for magazine reporting of a cover story in Rolling Stone entitled, The Runaway General.

Due to this story, Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s career was ended as Hastings was able to quote the mocking statement that the General and his aide said of the Obama administration, as well as V-P Joe Biden, regarding their policies of war.

When General McChrystal was honored with a retirement ceremony at the Pentagon in 2010, the four-star general making light of the moment warned his comrades in arms that he has stories about all of you, as well as photos of many and know a Rolling Stone reporter.

When Hastings died, he was also a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, where Managing Editor Will Dana stated that Tuesday that Hastings possessed a certain kind of electricity that is only found in great reporters who wrote stories that are burning to be told.

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