Being a celebrity means to be in the limelight – be it something good or bad. It seems golden boy; Justin Bieber has a good combination of an automobile, and an accident. Even if the mishap is not a big one, it is sensationalized as his followers always want to know what he is doing. So it becomes big news and he is now known as accident-prone.

Last Monday night, Bieber, who is an idolized singer in our time, was reported to be part of an accident in L. A. and it has something to do with a pedestrian.

According to the records in the Los Angeles Police Department, officers were called to a mishap at No. 8800 in Sunset Blvd., which is one of the famous areas in the city known as Sunset Strip area of the city. The report stated that19-year-old Bieber and rapper Lil Twist were leaving a comedy club in the district. There were no many paparazzi around his Ferrari. And in the process of exiting the area, one of the news reporters was sandwiched between his car and another vehicle.

LAPD’s Lt. Craig Valenzuela said after making a preliminary investigation, they found out that there was no crime involved, It was initially reported that the incident was hit-and-run but investigation indicated that no criminality was involved.

The pedestrian, who until now was not unidentified, sustained some minor injuries but they were not life-threatening.

For the nth time, this young singer heart-throb found himself in driving trouble. This is not the first time the singer is linked to a driving issue. Just last month, the police were alerted twice of reports that Bieber was over-speeding all over the gated-Southern California community where he resides.

Last July, he was also included in a high-speed chase on an LA freeway when paparazzi were pursuing him. And in November he faced a citation when he was negotiating an unsafe left turn and having an expired registration.

Even his Ferrari is accident prone. On New Year’s Day, the celebrity’s  California Car Wreck was starring in an incident. This time s the car run over and killed a photographer as the victim was going across the street after taking pictures of the unlucky vehicle. Fortunately, Bieber was not present at the time as the vehicle was driven by a friend. Still the singer was involved because it was his car.

The representative of Bieber had not given any immediate comment on the most recent incident.

A breathe of good news is that Bieber and Gomez spent the 4th of July together. This Bieber promised to start behaving better; Gomez decided to give their relationship another try. Bieber is always on his best behavior when dating Gomez. It appears when he is solo; he does awful things like swearing at the paparazzi or driving recklessly. Friends are hoping that the lovely Gomez could tame the wild Biebs.

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