Last Sunday, the lovable Girls Next Door and Kendra star aka Kendra Wilkinson in real life was briefly hospitalized after a car accident, but next morning she already in stable condition.

She thanked all her well-wishers and told them that the accident reminded her of the fragility of life and how important love is.

Early Sunday, Wilkinson was seen entering the Medical Center of Providence Tarzana and sources reported that the 27-year-ols star was really shocked and sustained minor injuries from the mishap. After her injuries were treated, she was released.

Wilkinson was the ex- girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and is now married to former NFL player Hank Baskett III and Hank Baskett IV’s mommy. She was included in Splash, ABC’s diving competition show that she quit due to her fear of height.

She was apologetic after the show for walking away from the high dive and apologized for letting her fans down.

But the news about Kendra Wilkinson was not about her being a reality star and former glamour girl but her involvement in a car accident which took place during the weekend. She was hospitalized shortly for a check-up and is now recuperating at home. But in time, she will be up and about in her shows.

Kendra was transported to the Medical Center of Providence Tarzana early Sunday morning. She sustained minor injuries and after being treated, she was released.

A celebrity magazine wrote that Wilkinson –who is married wife to former NFL Hank Baskett III and mother of Hank Baskett IV who is going on 3, was really shocked and sustained injuries after the accident.

No other details were given about the accident or the other persons involved.

She was examined by doctors to determine if there were damages in her body and whether she sustained broken bones, but it seems that her injuries were only superficial.

An inside source, someone close to Kendra, said that the magazine stated that Kendra was taken earlier by the hospital and she was discharged already. The reason was that her injuries in the accident were just superficial. After she was examined, treated and found in stable condition she was soon released.

Agent of Kendra had not given any comment as to the star’s status as of this writing. This article has all the information known about the car accident.

Even the star herself prefers not to talk about her accident any more but prefer to talk about more lighter things and events in her life.

Kendra ended her short run on ABC’s new reality series earlier this month. Splash was a diving celebrity competition where she quit as she was particularly afraid she might injure herself doing one dive.

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