Las Vegas – Sunday of last week, an early morning shooting at the famous Las Vegas Strip culminated in a fiery crash that caused three fatalities and several injuries. Today, a 26-year-old man is being hunted by the police as the prime suspect for the shooting.

Last Sunday, Chris Jones who is captain of the Las Vegas police stated that police investigators are doing their work 24/7 to shift all evidences and find suspect Ammar Harris after they came across a dark SUV that was identified as the get-away vehicle of the shooting last Saturday. It was a gruesome carnage involving a chain reaction of six vehicles along Las Vegas Strip where internationally famous establishments as Bally’s, Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Flamingo resorts are found.

Jones said that tons of information has been coming in but they were not specific.

Shot to death last Thursday was one promising rapper who was driving a Maserati which crashed and caused the death of two occupants of a taxi which caught fire during the collision.

Jones said that a massive hunt has been organized to bring in Harris who was just arrested last week on allegation that he was a pimp. Now, he is pointed as the prime suspect of a triple-homicide.

A jail photo of Harris was provided which was his most recent ID photo taken during arrested last year on charges of coercion, kidnapping, pandering and sexual assault.

The suspect has another alias, Ammar Asim Faruq Harris. In the photo, he has right check tattoos and words written on his neck above an image of a blackened-eyed owl. Police warned people that Harris is potentially dangerous as he carries guns.

Police are looking for a back Range Rover with distinctive black rims and darkened windows. It was last seen speeding away after the shooting. Authorities finally located the car at a complex apartment with a gate some blocks east of the Strip which they immediately impounded.

One of his victims Kenneth Wayne Cherry Jr. 27 years was critically injured when the gray Maserati he was operating became target of a gunfire coming from the SUV. Other fatalities were Michael Boldon, driver of the taxi, 62 years old and Sandra Sutton-Wasmund, age 48, his passenger who was a resident of Maple Valley, Washington.

Boldon was a family man who recently moved to Las Vegas from Michigan. Sutton-Wasmund, age 48 was a businesswoman with three children.

One passenger of the Maserati sustained an arm wound. There were four other people who were inside the other four vehicles. They had minor injuries and were delivered to the local hospital. After the incident, the police were not yet able to Id the Maserati passenger who was cooperating with the police.

Family members and friends of the fatalities in California, Las Vegas, Michigan and Washington were all mourning for their loved ones this weekend.

Kenneth Cherry Sr. informed reporters that his 27-year-old son was an aspiring rapper who already produced a rap video. He denied that his son was a gangster and trouble-maker; like the others, he was a victim. Even Court records concurred that Cherry had no criminal records or convictions in Las Vegas.

Coroner of Clark County coroner confirmed Cherry died Thursday due to one fatal gunshot wound on his chest. The deaths of Boldon, Cherry and Sutton-Wasmund were considered as homicides.

Police said the shooting was the result of an argument which started at the valet area of the resort-casino of Aria a block away from the incident. The shooting occurred right after the show which highlighted French Montana, a Moroccan-born singer at Aria nightclub Haze.

Tehran Bolden, younger brother of the deceased said that the family of Boldon in Las Vegas will have a difficult time coping with his death.

Office manager, Debbie Tvedt said that she was the partner of Maple Valley Plumbing Company which she and Sandra’s husband, James Wasmund started some years back. She said that Sandra was co-owner of a dress shop and she and her husband were in Las Vegas for a trade show.

Due to the accident, Las Vegas Strip closed its glowing lights for more than half-a-day.

Sgt. Eric Kemmer Nevada Highway Patrol said the incident was similar to the 1996 killing of Tupac Shakur who was a famous rapper of his time. The incident was less than a block away from that fatal shooting. The Shakur homicide has not been solved until today. Will this multiple-killing end the same way?

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