This afternoon, two men were taken to the hospital after a law-enforcement vehicle returning from the site of a previous crash was rear-ended by a luxury car on the Glenview-Northbrook border. Authorities reported that the two are in stable condition.
According to authorities, the accident occurred at about noon on Willow Road at Old Willow Road, Northbrook. It was a three-vehicle accident. It involved an equipment vehicle coming from the North Regional Major Crimes Task Force. A multi-jurisdictional task force is comprised of 13 north-suburban communities, which included Northbrook.

Northbrook Deputy Police Chief Louis Caruso recounted that a male civilian employee working with the Northbrook Police Department was returning from the scene of an earlier accident which involved an overturned dump truck at Voltz Road and Sunset Ridge Road.

As the employee of Northbrook Police department was traveling his way, along came a male driver of a 2012 Mercedes Benz. He rear-ended the NORTAF vehicle, authorities said. Both men were injured and immediately transported to Glenbrook Hospital. Northbrook Fire Chief Mark Nolan reported that both drivers are in stable condition.

The accident was minor in nature, Nolan said. Caruso and the other drivers were not seriously injured.Police officers of Glenview immediately responded to the accident. However, the spokesman for that department was unavailable for immediate comment.

In the earlier accident, a dump truck was carrying gravel. The vehicle tipped over while trying to avoid another vehicle, Caruso said that the truck spilled its contents so the road was filled with gravel. The police had to close Voltz Road to clean it off. Charges are pending but the good news is that no one was injured in that accident.

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