The Lee County deputy who crashed a tax-payer owned truck in Columbia had been demoted.
Previously the head of the Lee County Sheriff’s drug unit, Captain Lynn Blakney is now demoted to lieutenant over the patrol division.

The incident happened on the 27th of December on the exit ramp at the Clemson Rd. and Interstate 20 intersection. The deputy, Captain Lynn Blakney, got off the interstate and rear-ended a pregnant woman’s vehicle. The impact also made the woman’s vehicle hit the back of a third car.

Blakney was subsequently charged by SCHP with traveling too fast for conditions. Blakney’s 6-year-old son was inside the vehicle when the incident happened.

The pregnant woman, whose identity was promised not to be released, was brought to the hospital but otherwise, unharmed.

The truck that Blakney was driving was a department-issued unmarked Ford F-150 undercover narcotics truck. Overall damage estimate sums up to $5,800 on all three vehicles involved.

Blakney was out of the county to take his son to the doctor in Columbia. It was raining when Blakney got off at the Clemson Road exit and as he hit the brakes, he slid into the stopped cars.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office policy only allows employees to drive their issued vehicles into neighboring counties that touch Lee County while off duty and Richland County do not border Lee County.

Blake had a permission from Chief Deputy Tim Clavon to use the truck for personal use, according to Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon.

Blakney was also involved in several incidents including violation of the department’s supervisory accountability policy when they he and other deputies were caught on camera at a nightclub and also performing “inappropriate” hands-on security checks.

This is not the first incident wherein a Lee County vehicle was spotted outside the county. The deputy involved was subsequently fired for taking the marked cruiser to an Upstate nightclub.

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