Los Angeles — One of Hollywood stars who is always on the limelight is actress Lindsay Lohan but sad to say that it is for negative publicity. The date of a trial for three misdemeanor charges has been scheduled for the crash she was involved in last year at the Pacific Coast highway.

In the pre-trial conducted last Wednesday morning at L.A. Airport courthouse. Presiding Judge was still Stephanie Sautner who ordered the actress to come back in court on March 18 as the date set for the next hearing.

It will be recalled that it was Judge Sautner, who pronounced Lohan’s sentences to include jail time, house arrest and community service at the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office. The good Judge will not be handling the coming trial; however, she added that the probation case of Lohan will be taken up during the trial as the probation for this case has been revoked.

Sautner also warned Lohan that in case the probation is violated she could be facing jail time even if she will be acquitted in court after her Porsche collided with a dump truck. She was on probation for theft involving a diamond necklace she stole from a jewelry house in Venice. Sautner also warned the actress she might be spending 245 days in jail if she didn’t behave.

Last January 15, the former defense lawyer of Lohan entered a not guilty plea who was charged last November 29 to lying to the police for reckless driving and resisting arrest while on her way to a movie set.

It was alleged that Lohan lied to officers on June 8, 2012 that she was not driving her Porsche, but her assistance when the car hit the rear of a dump truck on the PCH.

At the time the crash happened, the 26-year-old actress was already on probation for pilfering a diamond necklace from a jewelry store in Venice.

Earlier this month, Lohan decided to change her lawyer and to hire New York-based attorney who was representing her in court lastWednesday.

Before the pre-trial, her lawyer filed an emergency notification that his client is ill and could not attend the hearing but later there surfaced picture of Lohan shopping and smoking around Manhattan.

After the pre-trial, paparazzi took photos of the erstwhile actress heading to a New York airport, Lohan has reasons to be worried for she might be facing a three year imprisonment for charges of misdemeanor including her probation from theft case which has been revoked.

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