It does sound strange that an iguana not other vehicle caused the accident. An iguana was pulled from car after accident.

A lizard may have caused a car crash late Friday afternoon.  The driver was seriously injured when he lost control of his car and crashed against a pole.

The police arrived and saw the reptile inside the car so they have to throw the reptile out. Eyewitnesses claimed that before the accident, they saw the man speeding at Seneca and Stillwell.  They also said that the driver seemed to be unconscious as he was slumped over in his seat.

Sgt. Jerry Quick from the sheriff’s office stated that the iguana was running loosely around the car. And he does not think it is illegal to own a reptile although it might have gotten loose, or bit him or distracted him or caused the accident. The officer said that the man might have been under medical condition

The driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries while the Animal Control took the lizard.

Iguanas are large reptiles and part of the lizard family typically found in the tropical areas of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Some species of this lizard are going extinct. Iguanas can be very dangerous in many, many ways. Unknowing iguana owners may even be unaware of some very serious issues that could put not only the iguana, but the owners themselves in danger.

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