Lindsay Lohan is facing four charges in connection to a Los Angeles vehicular crash last June.

Lohan’s rented Porsche had a collision with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway while on her way to work on the set of her Elizabeth Taylor TV biopic “Liz & Dick.” The sports vehicle was left totaled.

Lohan sustained only minor injuries and had put the blame on mechanical fault with the brakes for the incident after she told the police that it was her assistant that was driving the vehicle during the incident.

More jail time awaits Lohan as on Thursday, the actress was charged by the Santa Monica City Attorney with four crimes such as giving false information to a police officer, obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty and reckless driving.

The troubled star will face her arraignment as soon as she returns to Los Angeles from New York. Revocation of her probation related to her 2011 necklace theft conviction is expected.

Thursday had been a really bad day for Lohan after she was arrested early hours for allegedly punching Tiffany Eve Mitchell during an altercation in a Big Apple nightclub.

The incident booked her on a third-degree misdemeanor assault charge and has since been released from custody and subsequently ordered to appear in a court hearing slated on the 11th of January.

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