There have been several ambulance crashes that got the concern of the public. There was even a study describing the characteristics of these crashes and the difference between emergency & non-emergency crashes differ.

It was estimated that out of 339 ambulance crashes, there were 405 people who died and 838 who were injured. Most of these crashes which led to fatalities happened during emergency run at the intersection of streets. Persons inside the ambulance suffer the burden of the injury especially those who are occupying the rear compartment.
To reduce crash and injury cases, authorities must create programs that improve intersection control, better screening to determine capability of drivers, the use of proper restrains and appropriate design for more secured rear compartment. The risk of ambulance accidents is that it endangers not only the drivers and commuters on the road but also the paramedic and patients at the rear of the vehicle.
February 7, 2013

An ambulance of the L.A. Fire Department met an accident as it was traveling along the wet-soaked Freeway 101 early this morning. It was transporting a crash victim to an area hospital.

Fire Department spokesperson, Cecil Manresa reported that the mishap happened around 1:26 o’clock in the morning on the vicinity of downtown Los Angeles at the exit in Alameda. The passengers were two paramedics and a female patient who unfortunately sustained no injuries. No other details were provided regarding the accident.

As one of several rescue ambulances, the vehicle had come to ferry a victim from a car accident along the southbound 101. CHP officer said that there were four people from Long Beach injured in the wreck and one of them was in critical condition.

The male driver, age 33, was operating his Infinity DUI of alcohol and nonprescription drugs. He crashed his vehicle into a guard rail while traveling at 60 mph, the CHP stated. The vehicle flipped and alighted on its roof after hitting a big sign post placed at the Freeway’s right shoulder. The driver exited through the window but his two women passengers were trapped inside. Firefighters had to extricate them out of the vehicle.

One of the victims was a 26 years old female who sustained major injuries on her head and was considered in critical condition. The other woman passenger, age 27, suffered moderate injuries on the neck and back. There was a fourth passenger, a 27-year old male, who crawled out of the Infinity and was listed in stable condition.

Cecil Manresa, Fire Department spokesperson, stated that the accident involving the ambulance Cesar Chavez Avenue of Boyle Heights. Manresa did not provide more details about the accident happened at about 1:26 o’clock in the morning in the vicinity of.Echandia Street 400 block in nor the condition of the driver.

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