Traffic delays this morning were caused by two separate crashes that occurred along the northbound San Diego Freeway at the vicinity of the Golden State Freeway in Culver City- Castaic. CHP Officer Francisco Villalobo said that the mishap took place at about 3:00 o’clock in the morning; all the lanes going north of Freeway5 along Castaic of Lake Hughes Road were closed. This was to give authorities more time to remove a big rig containing loads of paper plates.

Authorities decided to close the two lanes after the collision between a big rig and a semitruck that caused its loads to be spilled onto the freeway, Villalobos said reported that there was no injury and that he has no information when the lanes would be reopened.

At the same day, a collision in the Palms area going north. This wreck caused the closure of number four and five lanes south of Palms Boulevard. The closing started at 6:21 o’clock in the morning and was reopened more than an hour later. Villalobos did not give any information regarding the conditions of the motorcyclist and truck West Los Angeles occurred between a motorcyclist and a truck at Freeway 405

February 28, 2013

California Highway Patrol said that this morning they were perplexed as one vehicle swerved away from Hollywood Freeway in Studio City this morning, but they found no one inside the car, only some telltale blood spots.

At around 5:15 o’clock that morning, they responded to a call that a car had swerved off 101 Freeway northbound just at the transition to the northbound 170 Freeway.

When officers reached the scene, they saw the vehicle but there was no person inside and anywhere around the area. Although they noticed some blood indicating that someone was injured.

The police stated that lots of incidents like this happened when drivers are drunk, got into an accident and fled because they are scared.

Investigation is ongoing and more information will be out after its closure.

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