Women, anywhere else, have fallen victims of so many catastrophes including road accidents.

This morning, at a Metrolink train bound for L.A., a woman was killed along the vicinity of Riverside. Metrolink spokesperson, Francisco Oaxaca, stated Metro train 403 left the station of Riverside station at 5:42 o’clock in the morning when after10 minutes, it hit a female pedestrian who was just walking at Riverside Avenue tracks.

Due to the incident, the passengers were delayed as they have to wait in the scene until almost 8:00 o’clock in the morning for the train was ordered to return at the main terminal. Two other Met trains were also delayed for about two hours.

The woman was delivered to the hospital for unknown injuries. Investigation of the accident is ongoing.

A week before, CHP reported the discovery of a woman’s body who was killed at an accident when her Trailblazer Chevy swerved off the Highway. Police stated that fatal wreck occurred just off Hollywood’s Freeway.

The car veered off the freeway along Lankershim Blvd.; then, the Chevy collided into a pole, a tree, and a fence finally stopping near the wash. CHP investigators tried to look at the woman’s Id and other details.

Office Villalobos considered bad weather as a factor in the accident.
xxxA young Menifee woman of 21 was dead in a one-vehicle accident just in the vicinity of Lake Elsinore. The victim was identified as Tiffany N. Whittemore who for unknown reasons lost control of her car lost control of her car while negotiating a curve on the Ortega Highway shortly before 4:00 o’clock in the morning. Riverside County Sheriff’s office said that they are looking into the possibility of the accident to be related to Saturday night’s storm.

At least another woman became victim of a Pacoima crash in Pacoima last Thursday. She was later identified as Marlene Fraire, age 20, resident of Pacoima.

Authorities believed that conditions of slippery roads contributed to the Pacoima incident that killed a woman, injured her husband seriously, including a young child.

At about 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon, a family vehicle of the family with a truck along the 12000 Block in Osborne St. Los Angeles Fire Department Firefighters had difficult time in using their tools to extricate the family free from the wreck. There were other accidents accounted earlier as the site of the crash was slippery due to the heavy rain.

Another woman fatality was pronounced by the coroner’s office. The mother died at the scene, while the father sustaining serious injuries was delivered by ambulance to the trauma center of the area hospital. The child was airlifted by helicopter ambulance to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

The driver sustained minor injuries and refused treatment from the hospital.

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