NEWPORT, Del. – For his failure in negotiating the off-ramp, the driver of a mail truck was hospitalized after his truck crashed in Newport, Delaware.

The accident occurred shortly before 9:00 o’clock in the evening on the off-ramp near the vicinity of southbound I-495 going to southbound I-95.

According the police reports, the driver, for undetermined, was not able to negotiate the off-ramp. Losing the control of his truck, he went down the embankment and crashed all the way to an overpass.

It made such a great impact and due to the force, the driver was pushed inside and had to be dug out from the wreckage. He was immediately transported to Christiana Hospital to be treated.

Officials stated that the driver’s injuries were not critical and do not appear life threatening.

As vehicles started to jam, police reduced the traffic along I-495 southbound to just one lane and they also closed Newport off-ramp while conducting investigation along the area. They welcome witnesses to add more details to their report.

Nine out of 10 car accidents happen at night. For obvious reason, as the operator has poor road visibility in the dark. There are highways not well-lighted or electricity is not so bight. Sometimes, the glare coming from the light of oncoming car will blind the driver. Aside from external causes, most drivers are exhausted during night time and will fall asleep while driving. Traffic authority stated that driving and sleepiness are not compatible. So when driver feels sleepy, he must look for a safe place to park and take even a 15-minute nap.

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