POMONA, Calif. — A man and a pregnant teenager were killed after a car theft suspect slammed into their car in Pomona Monday.

At around 1:40 in the morning, near the intersection of Holt and Garey avenues, the incident occurred. Results of preliminary investigation shows that the driver of a stolen 2008 Infiniti was traveling approximately 60 mph eastbound on Holt Avenue when it broadsided a 1995 Nissan Maxima who was attempting to make a left turn into a Jack in the Box.

The impact of the collision split the Nissan in half and exploded into flames. Parts of the tires of the vehicle can be seen melted onto the sidewalk.

The two occupants of the Nissan, 22-year-old Miguel Herrera and her pregnant girlfriend, 17-year-old Desiree Grajeda, were killed instantly.

The Infiniti was reported stolen on Sunday night and the 26-year-old driver, Lorraine Martinez, suffered minor injuries and was brought to the hospital. Evidence suggests another person was in the vehicle who may have fled the scene.

Martinez was not in possession of a driver’s license and she was arrested after being questioned by police.

Investigation still continues. Anyone who had information with regards to the incident is asked to contact Pomona Police Department at (909) 620-2081.

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