Man Crashes at Union Station and was Charged with Dangerous Driving

A car ended dropping from the street level unto a walkway that is commonly reserved for pedestrians after crashing through a construction site at Union Station early morning of Tuesday.

The car accident had happened at around 2:40 in the morning, according to Toronto police

According to the police, the driver of a BMW had a heated discussion with another driver in downtown Toronto and a police officer had asked them to pull over

Both involved drivers took off. The BMW meanwhile had lost control, drove onto the sidewalk and through a barrier that was used to hider pedestrians from walking into the construction site on Front Street, close to Bay Street.

The car got over the edge and ended up dipping into a wide hole that was connected to a walkway that was below the street level in between the subway and train sections of Union Station.

The driver and his four other passengers attempted to escape the scene of accident. Luckily, they didn’t get far. The driver was caught by a security guard nearby.

To remove the vehicle from the hole, a tow truck was used in order to pull the vehicle out.

The accident could have been a lot worse, said the workers that were on the scene on Tuesday. Construction worker Skylar Leal said that anything could have happened and fortunately, no one died in the accident.

The driver of the BMW, who was identified to be 22 years of age, was taken in custody. Charges on breach of probation and dangerous driving were filed against the driver.
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