FORT LAUDERDALE – The man involved in running over a man with his car which was all recorded on camera finally faces his sentence in Broward courtroom on Friday.

His sentence: 10 years behind bars and 10 years probation for the December incident outside of a convenience store in Fort Lauderdale.

The victim, John Hill, said that the skirmish started when he told Parker not to park on his lawn. And that’s when Parker chased Hill with his car and as Hill ran, he fell and ended under the car and was knocked unconscious as civilians lifted the car off him. Hill thinks that the sentence was just and he is contented with the verdict. He also thanked God, his mom and family and the Good Samaritans who lifted the car off him.

Hill sustained a broken pelvis, fractured jaw and severed ear which took 6 months for him to recover.

Parker expressed his apologies in court Friday.

His attorney, Thomas Weiss, said that his client, Parker, was Bipolar and was satisfied with the verdict.

He added that the incident was very sad to both parties.

After Parker sarves his 10 years in prison, the judge ordered him for a mental evaluation to determine if he needs treatment or hospitalization and after which, his 10 year probation will commence.

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