ORANGE COUNTY, FLA. – A man was killed in a vehicular collision by another driver that took off after being pulled off by the Orlando Police Department traffic to stop. The police say they did not chase the suspect before the accident happened at SR-436.

The victim, 42 year old Spencer Owens, was attempting to turn onto Semoran Boulevard near Lake Margaret Drive when the suspect that was heading south crashed into Owen’s driver side door.

The accident happened shortly before midnight as Owen’s was going home from a night shift at AirTran Airways. The suspect was 24 year old Kenny Zarzuela, police say.

Owens was brought to Florida Hospital East where he was declared dead.

Police were trying to pull over Zarzuela for running into a stop light, but instead, he took off. Police did not chase him because their policy states that a chase is only allowed if a violent felony is involved. Running into a stop light does not meet their criteria according to Sgt. Barbara Jones of the Orlando Police Department.

The police are not stating whether the suspect was impaired but witnesses said that Zarzuela was aggressive after the accident.

Milagros Owen, Owen’s mother, said “He killed my son, my first born. He was taking care of me.”

An eyewitness attempted to help the victim. Another witness, Thearn Grand said, “It was very unbelievable. His eyes were rolled back into his head. I said, ‘Sir, sir, are you okay?’ And he barely moved,”

Milagros’ husband was also killed in a car accident two months ago and her son had been taking care of her ever since. She wears both their rings around her neck.

Zarzuela’s criminal history can be traced back to 1998 and includes being arrested for shoplifting, stealing cars, possession of marijuana, multiple probation violations and very recently, carrying of a stolen handgun.

There were several drugs and a stolen handgun found by the police in Zarzuela’s car. He was charged with possession of a concealed firearm, possession of cocaine, possession of cannabis and possession of a stolen firearm. He was brought to Orange County jail after being cleared from ORMC.

Zarzuela is probably facing vehicular homicide but Owen’s family wants more and that they want justice. They will not stop until the suspect is banned on the road, said Milagros.

Owen’s family believes that if Orlando’s chase policy wasn’t so strict, Spencer wouldn’t have been killed.

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