LANCASTER, Pa.—The much awaited penalty for a man who killed 5 motorcyclists and seriously injured the 6th has been pronounced. The convicted was a man from central Pennsylvania, who was sentenced from one year to five years imprisonment. His reckless driving causes the crash that ended the lives of five motorcyclists and seriously injured a sixth.

It was the Lancaster County Court who pronounced the sentence to 66-year-old Alfred Moore resident of Harrisburg last Wednesday.
During the trial last summer, Moore pleaded guilty to murder by vehicle and irresponsible risk to danger which caused the death and injury of the victims in the crash of June 2010 in Penn Township Route 72. The man from central Pennsylvania was found responsible for the death of six motorcyclists and severely injuring the sixth.

He was given a sentence of one to five years in prison
Police identified the convicted as Alfred Moore a 66 year old resident of Harrisburg who was given the sentence last Wednesday County Court of Lancaster. He already pleaded guilty during the trial held last summer.
Killed in the crash were: Samuel 48-year-old and Linda Lapp; Dennis Wilhelm 43-year-old and his wife Amy50-year-old; and Joshua Pennington 27-year-old.

Authorities said that before the accident, Moore, who is a diabetic, was having very low blood sugar which caused him to drive erratically.

Moore felt the responsibility of his act and had asked for forgiveness from the victims’ families. He said that thinking about the tragedy everyday was already more than a punishment which hurt and break him up inside.

Relatives of the victims have not yet commented about the sentence of 1 to 5 years in the 2010 central Pa. crash that killed 5 motorcyclists, injured. As Moore had already pleaded guilty during the trial last summer, he also asked
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