Anyone who is struck by a bus would normally be hurt, stunned or incapacitated by the injuries he or she had sustained. However, this morning’s vehicular accident proves otherwise.

It was past 7 in the morning when a downtown Seattle metro bus struck a man who was heading west across the street. The Route 358 bus hit the man with a force hard enough to inflict a crack in the windshield of the bus. The man also sustained head injury.

However, after the incident, the man who was struck continued on his way and walked to a nearby coffee shop located more than a block away.

Despite sustaining a head injury from the crash, he was not fazed by the incident.

The police had arrested the bus driver under the suspicion of being under the influence of either drugs or alcohol or both substances.

The 32-year-old victim made it safely to the coffee shop and even ordered coffee. The coffee shop’s manager said that the man seemed to be fine and lucid—except that his head was bleeding.

The man was not served with coffee because of the injury he was sporting. The staff had called 911 to report the incident. However, the authorities were already following the man as he made his way into the coffee shop.

The authorities arrived shortly after the man did. There, authorities stabilized him and took him to the ambulance via ambulance. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center for, medical treatment and evaluation. It was found out that he suffered concussion. Other than that, he was not in a life-threatening condition. The coffee shop’s business was interrupted for awhile as authorities assisted and evaluated the man, although walk-up service offered by the establishment continued.

The police noticed that the bus driver was showing signs of impairment. The authorities have drawn blood from the bus driver for evaluation.

Based from the results the authorities have gotten from the tests, it was determined that alcohol did not play a factor in the crash; however, authorities are still open for dug involvement. They are now looking into this possibility although it may take awhile since drug testing generally takes much longer than determining alcohol involvement.

The incident had affected downtown area. The accident scene had to be temporarily closed in order to facilitate investigation of the authorities. Traffic backed up for several hours. Bus routes had to be rerouted around the crash area.

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