At least one man from Lancaster on a hunting trip with his son died Saturday morning when he was rundown in a roadway.

The fatality was identified as Hector Cruz Ortiz, age 35, while he was walking towards his vehicle along Hollywood Rd. in Martic Twp. at about 5:35 o’clock that morning.

Cruz Ortiz stopped his car and went down from the vehicle to check on an injured deer on the side of the roadway and was walking back to his vehicle when he was hit b7y a vehicle  acheter du cialis 20.

According to Dr. Stephen Diamantoni, Lancaster County Coroner, the driver of the other vehicle was going to a church event with his son

Diamantoni that it was just tragic as Cruz Ortiz was supposed to proceed west on Hollywood Road but he turned around when he saw a deer near Bethesda Chruch Road.

The coroner said that Cruz Ortiz must have decided to take the deer so while walking; he was run down in the lane of travel by the car. The other driver was approaching a rise in the road and did not see Cruz Ortiz.

Diamantoni said that probably there will be no autopsy as there were witnesses to the collision. The cause of death and the manner of are very evident. The man died due to multiple traumatic injuries.

The unexpected demise of Hector Cruz Ortiz who is a resident of Fremont early morning of Saturday in the Twp. of Martic was due to a hunting accident. He is survived by Francheska Ivelisse Rivera who has been his loving partner for 19 years; his three children and family. He was employed at RR Donnelley as forklift operator.

Not all may have been in accidents involving deer and other animals but it would be a good preparation in case it happens to you. The month of November is the time ripe for deer sighting along roadways. Only 2% of car-deer collisions led to death but around 84.9% of deer crashes are followed by death of the person.

A few pointers on handling the presence of deer might save your life: (1) At the sight of a deer-crossing signs – drive slowly, use your high beam, and cover the brakes; (2) if an animal has been injured, stay away. It may attack or injure you unintentionally; (3) do not challenge large animals with your presence by approaching them or you will be sorry; and (4) in driving along animal trodden roads, especially at night, reduce your speeds less than 35 to 40 mph, only with an extremely heightened sense of awareness.

There is no need to endanger yourself as risk to your life by car or animal can be easily avoided.

If you or your loved one has been harmed or fatally injured in a vehicular accident caused by the negligence of a distracted driver, contact an auto injury lawyer now for free consultation.

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