LOUISVILLE, Ky. – At least one person was killed by a train today. According to Metro police a man was hit and killed by a train in southwestern Louisville. The police are making their preliminary investigation.

Police tell reported that a man was hit by a train just before midnight on Thursday. With the assistance of an emergency team, they are investigating the circumstances. Authorities surmised that it appears the man was hit by a P&L train as he was walking along the tracks. The victim was identified as 42-year-old Larry Hadley Jr.

It was the train conductor who called the police when the operator of the train learned that they have hit a person.

The identity of a man who was hit and killed by a train in Valley Station has been released.

On Thursday before midnight, the Louisville Metro police officers responded to a call about a mishap at Dixie Highway and Valley Station Road, near the Meijer. It concerned a pedestrian run over by a train.

The coroner’s office identified was able to identify the fatality as the man as Larry Hadley Junior, age 42. The Police are trying to find out why Hadley was walking along on the tracks. They are considering the possibility that the victim was homeless and has been staying along the train track.

Authorities are investigating the case and trying to contact near kin of the victim. They are also looking at the accident from another angle, like the safety measures adopted by the train in case of pedestrians.

No charges have been filed up to this moment.
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Source: WAVE News

Source: WAVE News