The man who perished on Friday night after his car crashed into a tree during a police chase in East Baltimore had been identified by the Baltimore police.

At about 11:30 in the evening, the police, who work with a specialized drug and gun unit, had tried to pull over the sport utility vehicle that 37-year-old Christian Sidney from the 1600 block of Aisquith St. was driving for traffic violations after a passenger of the car had showed characteristics of an armed person.

Whilst the officers were pursuing the vehicle, it hit another vehicle before it struck a tree near the intersection of Broadway and East Biddle Street. Recovered in the scene by the police were a handgun and two replica BB guns.

The driver, Christian Sidney, died in the crash whilst his passenger sustained bad injuries. The passengers’ name was not released by the police, saying that the passenger was not filed with charges.

The other vehicle Sidney had hit before crashing into a tree was an SUV carrying six Dunbar High School football players that were headed home after a match. The players do not blame the driver for hitting them; instead, they blame the police.

Policy on pursuits by the department states that officers are not allowed to pursue suspects, except when under “exigent circumstances,” which the officers say are made in split seconds. Officers are then supposedly needed to report to their supervisors when under an ongoing pursuit. The supervisors then tell them what to do—to continue or to stop.

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