FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl., — A man loses his leg as he attempted to help a victim involved at a Boynton Beach car crash. Lawsuits are filed against the driver who hit his client.
On Wednesday, Fort Lauderdale attorney Hyram M. Montero filed the complaint at Circuit Civil Court in behalf of his client, Angel Soto, and wife Eileen Otero Soto. Angel Soto lost his leg on Monday night in the accident.

Montero said that Soto was conscious and brought to Delray Medical Center where he is recuperating in the intensive care unit on Wednesday.

The lawsuit is against David E. Plotkin who was driving his 2001 Porsche in an allegedly “careless and negligent manner” that resulted in the injury of Soto.

36-year-old Soto from Boynton Beach works as a security guard. On the day of the accident, Soto stopped and lent a hand to a driver that was involved in a vehicular collision at Old Boynton Road on Monday evening at around 9:30.

Soto went over to one of the pickup trucks, a Nissan Titan, involved in the accident and pulled out 36-year-old Alexander Proscurshim from Boynton Beach away from the smoking wreckage. The other driver of the truck, 55-year-old Virgilio Aguirre, meanwhile, was OK.
At that moment, a Porsche that was manned by Plotkin plowed through the Nissan’s passenger side and dragged it Eastbound. The impact severed Soto’s right leg whilst leaving his left foot broken. Plotkin pulled over and approached Soto.

The lawsuit did not specify the a dollar amount which the Soto’s are after but attorney Montero said that usually, cases involving losing of limbs of victims amounts to imillions.

The Soto’s are not available for comment as they are still dealing with Angel Soto’s recovery.

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