WOOD COUNTY — Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal three vehicle crash that killed a man on a motorcycle. The accident happened on State Route 65 near Forst Road around 4 in the afternoon of Saturday.

Police reported that a car driven by a 21 year old woman negotiated a turn without using her blinker. It happened that there were two men riding on their motorcycles at the rear of her car. The motorcycle crashed into the back of the car. The impact was great that it ejected one of the riders, identified as 53 years old David Gartz who died on the scene. The other rider suffered minor injuries. Police reported that both riders had no helmet.

Less than two weeks ago, last October 28, at least three people were rushed to the hospital from injuries sustained after a motorcycle collided with a car.

The accident occurred at the corner of Douglas and Summerfield Road in Monroe County. According to the police, the driver of the car negotiated a turn onto Summerfield Road in front of a motorcycle when the bike crashed into it. The impact hurled the rider who wasn’t wearing a helmet. That driver sustained life-threatening injuries; the other two passengers were also listed in critical condition. Police considered that alcohol was a factor.

Special laws governing motorcycles prohibited riding more than two abreast (side by side) in a single lane, except on paths or parts of a roadway set aside for the exclusive use of motorcycles or bicycles. State law requires all motorcycle operators and passengers to wear safety glasses or other approved protective eye devices at all times when riding on the street. The law also requires that the following persons wear an approved protective safety helmet which meets Federal Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) standards at all Times when riding on the streets.

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