Wilmington Del – Authorities reported that a motorcycle was allegedly stolen by a buyer in Philadelphia who sped off with the goods as the owner followed in pursuit. Unfortunately for him, he crashed when he reached Delaware.

According to the police, that Saturday afternoon in SW Philly, the owner decided to sell his motorcycle and was showing the goods to a potential buyer. After the sales talk process, both men proceeded to an island of a gas station to prepare a test drive.

However, the owner saw that the interested buyer rode the bike and immediately sped off towards Interstate 95. The owner followed in pursuit.

Police reported that the suspect tried to exit at Interstate 5 at Delaware Ave along Wilmington but he was not able to negotiate a turn.

The suspect crashed and attempted to escape on foot but the police caught him just a few blocks away and he was taken into custody.

Delaware State Police will be preparing charges after they complete investigating the case.

State police confirmed that the man from Virginia tried to steal a motorcycle while conducting a test drive and ultimately crashed on I-95 in Wilmington.

The incident started Saturday morning at an automobile business section in Philadelphia, PA, when the suspect identified asTony Harris, age 22 and resident of Norfolk, VA made arrangement to make a test-drive the Suzuki motorcycle at a dealership in Philadelphia. An escort went with him for the test drive, also riding a motorcycle.

They stopped for fuel; at this point, the escort felt apprehensive about the test ride and requested back the key to the Suzuki. But Harris allegedly pointed a handgun at the escort and fled on the motorcycle towards Interstate 95 at such top speed with the escort in pursuit. He reportedly tried to exit towards Delaware Ave. off ramp. Harris lost control of the motorcycle, crashed on the ramp at Delaware Avenue, hit the guardrail, and was ejected. He then allegedly fled on foot with the seller in pursuit. He tossed his gun along the way and escape.

The Police eventually located Harris and took him into custody for causing havoc along the area of 11th and Adams Street in Wilmington. They were able to retrieve the semiautomatic handgun which was loaded with 16 rounds of ammunition clips.

State Troopers of Delaware reported that the man from Virginia has been arrested after he tried to steal a motorcycle in Philadelphia and then crashed it on Interstate 95 in Wilmington.

Harris was delivered by ambulance to the Trauma Christiana Hospital Center where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

He was arraigned and confined on a secured bond in the amount of $10,000 placed under the custody of the Department of Corrections. Meanwhile the Police of Philadelphia are continuing their probing into the initial incident that happened as they are preparing charges to be filed.

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