Police said that two people were the fatalities of a car crash aside from three others who were injured. Among those who were killed was a 28-year-old man from Brant Beach. These were the victims in late Sunday’s car crash on R- 539 in Manchester.

Brant Beach resident, Shannon Fenton and Monroe resident, Sefakor Mensah, age 19, died late Sunday afternoon after admittance to the hospital.

The operator of the Volkswagon Jetta was identified as Alexandra E. Peroni, age 19 and resident of Norwalk, Ct. She sustained fractures in both elbows and ankles and was delivered first to Southern Ocean County Hospital in Manahawkin and later to a local hospital in Connecticut where she was listed under stable condition.

Danielle M. Godley, age 19, resident of Floral Park, N.Y was a front-seat passenger of the Volkswagon. She suffered from injuries in her chest, arms, and legs, and is now listed in stable condition at Community Medical Center.

Claire T. Kinsella, age 51, resident of New York who was the driver of the Z3 BMW sustained head and chest injuries  achat cialis 10 mg.  Hospitalized in the Community Medical Center, she is currently listed in stable condition.

It was approximately 7:47 o’clock in the evening when a 2009 Nissan gray Altima was traveling southward along County R- 539, near No. 21 milepost. As it crossed into the northbound lane, it collided into a 2001 BMW gray Z3 convertible.

The operator of the Nissan Altima was Fenton and he continued traveling south in the northbound lane and being in the wrong road, he collided head on with the Volkswagon, which was traveling north on Route 539.

Police said was at rear seat passenger of the Volkswagon Jetta,

According to Bucks County court records, the car crash victim from Brant Beach was actually serving probation sentence of two-years after he left his one-year and two-months daughter by herself inside his car a year ago while he was gambling at a casino in Pennsylvania.

Crash fatality, 28-years-old Shannon B. Fenton was declared dead last Sunday after his Nissan Altima was traveling south on Route 539 in Manchester, and then crossed into the northbound lane and collided with a BMW convertible

All the agencies came to assist the accident: (1) Whiting Volunteer Fire Department; (2)  Bamber Lake and Lakehurst Fire Department; (3) Paramedics from MONOC; (4) Quality Medical Transport; (5) the Ocean County Prosecutors Office; (6) the Ocean County Criminalistic Investigation Unit; (7) the NJ DOT Diversionary Team; and (8) the Ocean County Road Department.

Officers Paul Bachovchin and Ian Bole from the Manchester Township Traffic Safety Bureau are assigned to continue investigating the crash.

Manchester Township Police, Traffic Safety Section is requesting anyone with information about the crash, please to contact them.

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Source: Manchester NJ Patch Com


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