A 24-year old Marine from Orlando, Tony McGuiness, was helping direct traffic in a crash at Orange County in December 2009 when he was victimized by a hit-and-run accident.

Devastation filled his family brought about by his death in the hit-and-run incident.

Josephine Neal of Prot Orange, McGuiness’ grandmother, said that it was the most horrible thing and that she, herself, could not hurt and animal without feeling guilt.

Over 20 drivers hit a vehicle or a person and leave the scene everyday in Central Florida, according to Florida Highway Patrol. In sum, almost 9,000 cases of hit-and-run last year—that’s more than 30% of Tampa, which has similar population of drivers.

Poor economy was blamed by FHP with the increase in hit-and-run cases. Troopers believe that the inability of drivers to afford tickets and fines caused more drivers to drive with suspended license.

But the increase in of hit-and-run incidence had had its toll on these cases and other offenses.

Over two years after Neal’s grandson’s death, she still doesn’t know who killed him. It took almost five months for investigators to get solid information regarding the crash.

Explanation about the delay was discovered by Channel Nine.

This year’s Hit-and-run cases had doubled compared last years. On average, troopers confront 28 a day and when it rains, it rises to 40.

Sgt. Kim Montes, spokeswoman for the Florida Highway Patrol that they are harassed not only with the new cases but as well as the old cases.

Even the Florida Department of Law Enforcement regional crime laboratory in Orlando, which analyzes evidence from car crashes, is overloaded.

With these instances plus increasing number of everyday hit-and-runs, it would take around 6 months to process evidence, thus, leaves the families of the victims in sheer frustration.

Neal said that troopers are way outnumbered as well as investigators. Neal’s daughter and Troy McGuiness’ aunt, Angela McGuiness, hopes that FHP will get more funding from law makers so that it would spare the families of the victims from hurt.

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