L.A. County coroner made a positive confirmation that Michael Hastings was the driver of the crashed car. LAPD officials announced that their investigation showed that there was no foul play on the fatal wreck of the journalist. However, a speculation that a conspiracy was the cause of his death was very strong in the net. And they learned that a few hours before the crash, Hastings told a lawyer-friend that he felt that FBI agents were investigating him.

The sudden demise of the young investigative journalist has swept in a wave of unanswered questions and speculation for Michael Hastings was known for ruffling feathers among the nation’s power elite. One of his award-winning articles was about Gen. Stanley McChrystal who was then leader of the US army in Afghanistan. Due to his report, the general was booted out of his command by President Obama.

Meanwhile, it was news content that at the time of his death, Hastings was reporting extensively about the CIA and the Glenn Greenwald of Guardian pointed out that Hastings’ last article written for BuzzFeed was about the NSA and the Democrats’ love of spying on Americans.

LAPD are said to be investigating a fiery car crash that ended the life of journalist Michael Hastings.

In The Operators: the Wild and Terrifying inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan, a 2012 written by Hastings, he wrote of a staff of McChrystal who allegedly told to him that they will hunt him down and kill you if they do not like what was written about them.

At the very least, there are still many dots to be connected, many of Hastings’ friends are wondering how easy it was for his enemies to have pulled off such a deed.

One Redditor reader speculated what kind of small remote driving device has been used for the explosion.

Another reader said that it was easy to cause a car accident; just mess up the brakes and fuel line as it will cause car to slide, then crash and finally catch fire.

Other reader’s suggestion was on the throttle sabotage; he explained this was a kind of manipulation that would hinder a car from decelerating and which explains why the car was running at high speed at the time of the crash.

Another one postulated that perhaps Hastings was abducted as his body was unrecognizable.

Finally, one Redditor issued a warning that journalists who are investigating the case should not try to dig deeper.

The user posted the warning and said just stick with the party line if you want a long happy life.

Reddit was not the only forum where the Hastings conspiracy theorists were discussed but in many social fora as well.

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Source: IB Times Com